Midbar is the finest alignment between a festival and an intimate retreat. 
Away from the noise, distractions
and chaos of modern life.
Four days in the desert curated for you
to experience moments of joy and freedom, mixed with depth and growth
We have intentionally chosen an epic lineup, with creme de la creme of musicians, artists & DJs from around the globe.
Enter the experience as yourself.
Leave it as your most authentic self,
with moments that remind you
who you truly are.

djs & artists


tori baba 🇩🇪

mushina 🇵🇹

spiritito 🇮🇱

pascal de lacaze 🇩🇪

pina 🇹🇷

lidor cohen 🇮🇱


LIELL & ERAN sound therapy 🇮🇱

kadmon live 🇮🇱

miss albi 🇮🇱

ori bankhalter 🇮🇱

kaylani 🇵🇭

Master classes

We traveled & explored.
We can say that we have been around enough time to know – who can be called a master.

For us, it’s a matter of years, experience, devotion & charisma for a specific line of work or knowledge that specifies the masters from other teachers.

We are happy to announce that These masters have committed themselves to adding to our vision and we couldn’t be more excited

How does the master class work?

Twice during the festival, 3 hours a day,
You can choose a master class with our well-known teachers,
and experience a full range of knowledge from different activities
Like dance, movement, voice activation, and more


pascal de lacaze 🇩🇪

uria tsur 🇮🇱

Danielle Allouma 🇫🇷

Saar & Sasha 🇮🇱

singing circles & ceremony

pina 🇹🇷

uria tsur 🇮🇱

katia buben 🇷🇺

what does ecstatic dance mean?

It’s The safest place to dance your wildest!
With key guidelines that provide freedom and encouragement to dance freely without judgment from the surrounding and one’s self.
We dance without the use of alcohol and drugs.
And our dance floor is free from smoking and phones.
Let’s get high on the music!

we gather to open the heart, mind & spirit

Through high quality live music, DJ sets, ecstatic dances & sound healing ceremonies. 

Cacao ceremonies, singing circles & master workshops 

Yoga & movement, 4 elements, body percussion & contact improv

With artists from all over the globe


This unique 4 days ecstatic gathering takes place at shittim.
( Arava ) 
the most beautiful desert Oasis in Israel.
with a dance floor in front of the desert and the Jordanian mountains, 
enjoying the views of sunsets, moon rises and our amazing sound system.
With  a juicy international community of dancers and artists

we also have different accommodation options. 
press here for more details and reservation


475nis – SOLD OUT
500nis – SOLD OUT

Limited tickets for children between the age 4-14
are available here

This is unlike anything you’ve experienced

But, for your imagination, think of a festival that meets intimate retreat,
A gathering in the desert with your global family,
dancing in the sunsets & starry nights.
We have selected artists musicians & DJ׳s who will guide you on healing journeys through dance & movement.

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