Kaylani is one of the faces behind Siargao Island’s Untamed: An Ecstatic Dance Experience. She is the sound alchemist, creatrix & musical goddess 🦋

As a woman embodied in her divine feminine, Kaylani’s sets empower others to awaken and unleash to their fullest potential. She weaves deep hypnotic melodies, ancient tribal rhythms, earthy percussion, etheric voices, folkloric sounds, and cross-cultural instrumentation to create a sonic incense for the mind and body.

Inspired by nature, instruments of the world, and indigenous influences, Kaylani’s intention is to share the medicine of music, where she herself has reached deep states of catharsis and emotional renewal, leading to a complete liberation of the body and mind.

Kaylani is passionate about delving deep into the wilds of her imagination to produce soulful, playful, and emotionally charged music sets with a distinct feminine touch.  But it is more than just a music for her. It’s about bringing a community of people with shared values seeking freedom, connection, and self-expression in every dimension of their vessel. An opportunity to find each other, find ourselves, and find meaning through the music.