Well known for his charisma and contagious energy, becoming one of the most present artists in the Ecstatic Dance scene both as a musician and a host. It is very usual to see him playing in the middle of the crowd in big 360 circles, as for him the sharing of conscious energy and love through music is his biggest stimulus.
When not touring the world he is very active in his community in Portugal, creating all kind of activations related to music creation, singing circles, holistic practices, events and festivals.

In his live performances he often invites guest artists to play live in his musical expression which explores a combination of ancient wisdom and indigenous cultures tribal soul in a deep, modern and organic groove. After dedicating himself to writing new music, a new album was born and released with the purpose of sharing his experiences with the people who have this common passion and style.

The album, V Imperium (fifth empire) borrows its name from an esoteric legend that speaks of a spiritual and cultural world unity under the guidance of the Portuguese nation.
A Portuguese man by blood, Mushina embodies in this album his mission to spiritually elevate people through music.