ori bankhalter

A music man who founded radio stations/musical genres/movements and styles and in recent years the Taor Music label,

Ori s always at the cultural edge of consciousness…always researching and bringing truth and knowledge through music.

For about 25 years, he has been recording/transmitting and dealing with music and is always a pioneer and a leader… pushing the boundaries and inventing new things before we realize that we need them as if he knows and feels what needs to come.

He flows the wisdom of the culture through the music and knows how to tell us what is happening inside us while we dance.

Succeeds in telling stories through his sets, expanding consciousness and bringing the audience to adventures. The beauty of his music is his ability to combine all worlds into something new and fresh… His ability to combine the movement of the body with the movement of the heart and soul is his specialty. We can surrender and place ourselves on his sounds